Tiffany Pollard Checks ‘Next Fifteen’ Co-Star Laura Govan For Colorism



Tiffany Pollard (aka New York from Flavor Of Love) has never been one to bite her tongue. But did Flavor Flav‘s ex-boo go too hard on her Next Fifteen co-star Laura Govan for these off-color comments?

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— danté (@taegabbana) September 13, 2016

It all started when Govan, formerly of Basketball Wives, joked with Jennifer Williams about the skin tones of the show’s cast.
“I love the group dynamic… I wish you had a little more lightskinned people. Is that racist?”
When confronted about the joke during a cast reunion, Govan wasn’t interested in giving her comments a second thought. She quickly explained it off by saying, “That was to be funny. All of us are light-skinned. So it had nothing to do with nothing. I thought it was funny. You didn’t think it was funny? F*ck you, keep it moving. Alright, cool. Next.”
When the host asked Govan’s brown-skinned cast member Karamo Brown how he felt about the remarks, he claimed to be unbothered, saying, “I didn’t give a damn. Normally, someone says something like that, I’m like, ‘Let me check you.’ But I think it’s just because I’ve gotten to know your personality.”
Pollard suddenly cut Brown off and took the checking