Marina and the Diamonds “Forget” [Good Morning America Live Performance]


Wales native Marina Lambrini Diamandis otherwise known as Marina and The Diamonds continues to push her forthcoming third studio album Froot lined up for liberation on April 3 2015 by Neon Gold and Atlantic Records. The LP is a follow-up to her 2012 sophomore studio effort Electra Heart.

The next song to receive the full single status is track number five, ‘Forget’. It was written and produced by her but she received some help from David Kosten during the beatmaking process.

It’s preceded by the title track ‘Froot’ which was released in October 2014 followed by the lead single ‘Happy‘ in December.

Forget‘ will be made available as a digital download from the online store iTunes on March 3, 2015, so be patient if you are planning on purchasing it. It’s available below for your streaming.

The Markus Lundqvist-directed music video was exclusively premiered on Entertainment Weekly on 4 March 2015 but is available below for your enjoyment.

The singer performed the song live on Good Morning America on Wednesday, 25 March 2015 and the video is also available below.

‘Forget’ video.