Lauv “The Other” [New Music]


Meet Lauv, a talented twenty-year-old singer and songwriter coming from New York, and whose debut song ‘The Other’, separates him from so many other upcoming artists.

Once in a while, a rookie artist who’s talented enough, manages to find his/her way through the ever growing heap of new artists who would do anything to get the attention of would be fans, in a manner that seems effortless. Case in point: Lauv.

The song is easy to relate to, it addresses a common relationship issue where one starts to have a critical look at the person one is involved with. You start questioning whether your partner is what you thought they were, you are having second thoughts albeit silently.

The Other‘ was penned by Leff with the collaboration of Michael Matosic and manages to seamlessly fuse pop and R&B and is characterized by it’s mesmerizing piano chords mixed with nicely done percussion, but the cherry on the cake is Lauv’s perfectly pitched vocals.

Listen to ‘The Other’ below, then start asking yourself why the artist is still unsigned.