Alert the authorities: Olly Murs is about to release the best single of his career


And obviously you’re thinking “ho ho ho, ‘best single of his career’ doesn’t mean much LOLOLOLOL” but actually fuck off because:

‘Seasons’ was a GREAT single that should have been Number One.
‘Heart Skips A Beat’ was also a GREAT single, feat Rizzle Kicks.
‘Dear Darlin” was absolutely amazing, ie a GREAT single.
‘Kiss Me’ was a GREAT single, although not perhaps a great single choice ie it only got to Number 11 even if it apparently shifted 400,000 copies but that’s the Christmas ‘marketplace’ for you.
‘Up’ (feat Demi Lovato) had its moments.

And yes. Yes, Olly Murs has released some bad singles. OH CHRIST, has Olly Murs released some bad singles.
‘Oh My Goodness’ — not a classic. ‘Busy’: oh dear. And when pop eventually comes to an end and the final tallies are drawn up, ‘Stevie Knows’ may be recognised as the worst single ever to have been released by a living human.
There is probably a study to be made into the correlation between the quality of Olly Murs’ music and the likelihood of him wearing a hat in the video, but today is not the day for that study to be published because — hold on to your own hat right now, it’s about